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"Once again it was a pleasure working along side Chef Elvis James for a 50th Birthday Party on Saturday....thanks for always calling on us to be of service to you...."

Andre Ezees Bovell


Chef Elvis, Executive Chef of Every Party We Cater offers over 30 years experience in the catering and food service industry. He is a renowned New Jersey based caterer who has dazzled clients over the years with his mastery of display and tantalizing culinary creations.

Chef Elvis has successfully blended American and European dishes with Caribbean flavored dishes to give you a one of a kind taste.

He has catered to all group sizes, ethnicities and customer types i.e. the high end customer, and the customer on a limited budget, hence his choice of the company name, "Every Party We Cater".

Besides catering, Mr. James also specializes in Ice Sculptures, Animal Shape Designs and more!

He is a husband, father, son, and brother and takes great pride in helping the community; often making charitable donations in the form of food.